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How to transfer a domain from GoDaddy to pdHosting?

So, you've got a domain at GoDaddy and you want to transfer it to pdHosting.

This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to transfer an existing .com domain from GoDaddy to your pdHosting account.

Let’s do it!

Transfer steps:

  • Sign into your main GoDaddy account.
  • Once you’ve signed in select the Launch button located in the domains table.
  • When you reach the domain manager, tick the box next to the domain you wish to transfer, then select the Locking Icon.
  • Un-tick the Lock Domain(s) box in the pop-up and select OK. This will then unlock your domain names.
  • This guide shows you how to unlock your domain at GoDaddy.
  • If you purchased GoDaddy’s Protected Registration service, cancel it.
  • If you purchased GoDaddy’s Private Registration service, cancel it.
  • Grab an authorization code (aka EPP key) from GoDaddy. This key is a one-use password that allows you to transfer your domain to another registrar, in this case, pdHosting. This guide shows you how to get your code. GoDaddy will email it to you within 24 hours to the email address listed under your “Administrator” contact.
  • Initiate the domain transfer at pdHosting.

Type in your domain to be transferred under Domain Name, then copy the authorization code from your email from GoDaddy and paste it into the Authorization Code field. Hit Add To Cart.

The transfer will be added to your cart and it will redirect you to Domain Configuration. Simply click Continue. Review & Checkout to pay for your transfers. Once you’ve paid, pdHosting and GoDaddy will both send you emails asking you to confirm the transfer. Find the pdHosting email and click the provided link to confirm the transfer.

Now that you’ve initiated the transfer, it can take up to five business days to complete.

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