.BR Domain Name Rules and Requirements

Common Domain Name Rules

PD Hosting provides Registration services under the below .BR TLDs (extensions):


Domain Theft Protection feature is not supported for .BR Domain Names.

.BR Domain Name Registration

In order to register a domain name with any .BR extension, the Registrant must fulfill the criteria specified by the Registry.

Domain names can be registered only by persons of Brazilian nationality, or organizations that are established in Brazil as a legal entity, with their contact location based in Brazilian territory.
Registrants must prove their eligibility to register domain names by providing their legal identification number issued by the government.

Individuals must provide their CPF (Cadastro de Pessoa Fisica, or tax ID), while organizations must provide their CNPJ (CadastroNacional de Pessoa Juridica, or business ID). This identification is verified with the Federal Revenue Service of Brazil before it can be used to register domain names.

Foreign organizations can also apply to register .BR domains. For this, the organization must appoint an attorney in the country, and be registered with the .BR Registry. Once the foreign organization is registered with the BR Registry, they will receive an identification number (CNPJ) that must be submitted with the domain registration request.

A .BR Domain Name may be Registered for 1 to 10 years.

A .BR domain name has a 4 day Money Back Grace Period.

PD Hosting does not support .BR Internationalized Domain Name (IDN)s.

How do I register a *.BR domain name?

Simply use our Domain Search tool to check the availability of your *.BR domain (COM.BR Domain name registration), add the domain name to your cart and start the checkout process. Pop in a few details and you’re done – your .COM.BR domain will be registered within seconds.

.BR Domain Name Renewal

A .BR Domain Name may be Renewed for 1 to 10 years.

Upon Expiry of a .BR Domain Name; any service such as email, website, etc., configured for this Domain Name would stop functioning, until the Domain Name is Renewed. If the .BR Domain Name is not Renewed until 100 days, the Domain Name would get Deleted and would slip into Redemption Grace Period.

.BR Domain Name Transfer

Transferring a .BR domain to PD Hosting is free of cost.

Transfer does not include a 1 year renewal.

.BR domain names do not have a 60-Day Transfer Lock placed on them after they are Transferred.

Contact Details related Rules

COM.BR registrations require four contact types: Owner, Admin, Technical, and Billing. The contact information associated with these is strictly validated by the Registry.

It is important to specify accurate addresses, phone numbers and email address, failing which the domain registration request may be canceled.

In the PD Hosting system, there are two types of contacts used for .BR names — BR Owner Contact (for the Registrant, or domain owner) and a BR contact (for Admin, Tech and Billing contacts)
A BR Owner contact is a unique entity, and is always associated with a legal identification number (CPF or CNPJ). If a CNPJ/CPF number is being used with another Registrar to register domains, it can not be used to create a new contact with Pd Hosting. For this, the BR Owner contact must first be transferred over to PDHosting’s Registrar.

.BR domain names do not support PDHosting’s Privacy Protection feature.

Name Servers and Child Name Servers related Rules

An IP Address can be associated with only one Child Name Server, however, the same IP address can be reused for Child Name Servers of another .BR domain. For instance, ns1.example.com.br and ns2.example.com.br must have different IP addresses, but ns1.example.com.br can have the same IP as ns1.example.com.br.

Child Name Servers of .BR domains having the same IP address cannot be used together as Name Servers for a .BR domain. For instance, ns1.example.com.br and ns1.other-example.com.br can have the same IP address, but they cannot be used together as Name Servers for a .BR domain.

The Name Servers associated during registration of a .BR domain name need to be authoritative. Failure to provide an authoritative name server within 15 days of registration will lead to cancellation from the .BR Registry.

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