.ASIA Domain Name Rules and Requirements

.ASIA domain names have a unique type of Contact called as a Charter Eligibility Declaration (CED) Contact, apart from a Registrant, Administrative, Technical and Billing Contact.

Charter Eligibility Declaration (CED) Contact

Every domain registration application must include at least one domain name Contact that is a Legal entity in the DotAsia Community. The DotAsia Community is defined based on the geographical boundaries described by the ICANN Asia / Australia / Pacific region.

The Registrant Contact needs to warrant and represent the Domain Contact to make the Charter Eligibility Declaration (CED), who shall then be referred to as the CED Contact. The CED Contact, along with the Registrant Contact, is jointly responsible and liable for the domain name. In the event of a domain name dispute, both the CED Contact and the Registrant Contact can be named as the responding party to any allegations arisen.

For those entities that do not have a separate Legal personality, such as a partnership in some economies, a natural person (eg., a partner) may be used as one of the Domain Contacts and named as the CED Contact.

The designated CED Contact must provide additional information to make the declaration to the effect that it is a Legal entity within the DotAsia Community. The required information includes:

1- Location or domicile of the Entity (based on the corresponding ISO3166 code).

2- Type of Entity:

– Corporations or Companies.
– Cooperatives.
– Partnerships or Collectives.
– Government Bodies, States, Sovereigns or Municipalities.
– Political Parties or Trade Unions.
– Trusts, Estates, Associations or Societies.
– Institutions.
– Natural Persons.
– Other.

3- Form of Identification:

– Certificate of Incorporation or equivalent business registration certificate issued by the relevant government registry as confirmation of the due incorporation and valid existence of the company.
– Act, decree or legislation chartering the formation of an entity.
– Societies Registry or equivalent registry for non-corporate entities.
– Political Parties Registry.
– Passport or Citizenship ID.
– Other.

4- Identification Number / Code of Reference (e.g. Passport number, Business Certificate number, Act or Legislation number/code, etc.).

5- Other Remarks.

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